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The Learning & the Brain® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to help connect neuroscience with education.  


The Learning & the Brain® Foundation sponsors the Learning & the Brain® conference series and summer institutes which bring neuroscientists to speak to educators about the latest research on how children learn and learning disorders.  The Learning & the Brain®  conferences has been the premiere place for educators to connect with neuroscientists and other researchers on learning since 1999.

This $2,500 award is paid annually to a researcher who has made significant contributions to connecting education to the science of learning.  The 2018 winner of the award is Professor Bruce McCandliss, PhD of Stanford University.  Please click here for more information about current and past winners of the award.

Please check www.LearningAndTheBrain.com for upcoming conferences and workshops.

Click here for more information about the Learning & the Brain® Foundation.